How to Protect Your Children from Human Trafficking with Cammy Bowker On the Payton Fisher Show!

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Its the amazing Cammy Bowker! The people over at Global Education Philanthropists are doing their part in spreading education about the world’s fastest growing crime, human trafficking.


She has dedicated her life to bring awareness to child trafficking and how to keep your children safe. We go into depth about the scariness of what is going on without anyone even batting an eye!! In the video she explains what parents can do to prevent their children from being exposed to human traffickers such as, ask who they are talking to online, who they are playing with on their online consoles, ask if they have had met any weird people, etc.

For more information about what the amazing work Global Education Philanthropists do, go to These special people are making a major impact in the world that is in desperate need.

Every child deserves safety and an education. Founded on that critical mission, Global Education Philanthropists (GlobalEP) is a 501 (c)(3) organization that organizes humanitarian trips and fights human trafficking throughout the globe.
The charity works in countries such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic to educate communities, aid orphans, and provide medical, dental, and mental health care.
GlobalEP supports communities in the United States through human trafficking prevention and aftercare to preserve families and promote humanitarianism.
Travel with us to the Caribbean and serve or find out how you can help in your own community! Visit or . Call or text 425-343-5851


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